No Place for Him

My kids love Christmas. Of course they love the presents and the tree, but there is something appealing to 4 and 5 year old girls about little baby Jesus. They love that we get to celebrate His birthday. Couple that with a wild imagination, and we pretend all sorts of things.

Last week they were pretending that one of their baby dolls was baby Jesus (in our house you have to look past the fact that the baby doll was a girl…everything in our house is girl). They had this doll in a baby carrier that we have for our real baby, dragging it all over the house. At dinner time we all sit down to our crowded table, right next to one another, when Tegan says, loudly and urgently, “Daddy! Make room for baby Jesus!”

I moved over my chair so that her doll could be at the table with us, but the Lord quickly stopped me to show me that the comment “make room for baby Jesus” really had nothing to do with the raggedy doll and all to do with my heart.

If you’re like me, Christmas time can get very busy. The shopping, the food, the family, and the Christmas parties, while all good things, have the tendency to overwhelm my time. Before I know it my heart more resembles the crowded inn than anyone else in the all-familiar story of Jesus’ birth.

“And she gave birth to her firstborn son and wrapped him in swaddling cloths and laid him in a manger, because there was no place for him in the inn.”  Luke 2:7

Have you made room for Jesus in your heart this Christmas? Or, has the hustle and bustle of the season caused you to lose focus as to what this is really all about?

I encourage you to take some time and consider how you can make sure that, unlike the inn, you not only make room for Jesus in your life, but that you give Him the best suite that you have.

May your Christmas filled with the love of Jesus.

One thought on “No Place for Him

  1. Great reflection, Tyler. Getting all of the clutter of the Season put aside in order to make room for the Honored Guest is a must for all of us.


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